Whether you have a dispute with a Trustee, or are a Trustee who is being pursued by a beneficiary; our expert Contentious Probate team can help. 

The law relating to Trusts can be complex and it is vital for Trustees to understand their legal obligations and for Beneficiaries to understand their rights.

Trusts are established as a means of passing control of assets to Trustees to manage for the benefit of the chosen beneficiaries. They can be established during the donor’s lifetime or by a Will.

The Trust Deed or Will sets out the terms of the Trust and how it should be administered. Unfortunately disputes can arise and it is at this point that it is important that you obtain professional advice.

Our Team can advise you on disputes related to a Trust such as:

  • Issues regarding the administration or distribution of the trust
  • Disputes with or between Trustees
  • Applications to remove and/or replace Trustees
  • Variation of Trusts
  • Disputes with or between beneficiaries
  • Interpretation of ambiguous Trust terms.

Whatever the circumstances we can discuss the options available to you and guide you through the legal processes involved.

For more information about Trusts, our Contentious Probate services, or for a free no obligation discussion, please call Nicola White today on 0800 088 4025 or complete the enquiry form below.

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